Revolutionizing Urban Cooking: City Energy’s Küche Smart Collection

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Lentor Mansion by TID Hong Leong

Embracing Sustainability in the Kitchen

City Energy’s latest innovation, the Küche Smart Collection, marks a significant leap forward in the quest for eco-friendly urban living. By integrating cutting-edge technology, this collection is setting new standards for kitchen safety and environmental consciousness.

Lentor Mansion by TID Hong Leong prime residential hub positioned in the key Ang Mo Kio planning area.

A Leap Toward Low-Carbon Cooking

The Küche Smart Collection has been thoughtfully designed to minimize the carbon footprint of daily cooking activities. Offering a blend of sustainability with functionality, these smart kitchen solutions represent a new era of environmentally responsible cooking, without compromising on performance or style.

Intuitive Safety Features

Safety is a cornerstone of the Küche Smart Collection, ensuring peace of mind for families and individuals alike. With intuitive features that prevent common kitchen accidents, the collection is redefining what it means to cook with confidence and security in the 21st century.


City Energy’s Küche Smart Collection is not just a set of kitchen appliances—it’s a commitment to a safer, greener future. As we continue to seek out better ways to harmonize our lifestyles with the health of our planet, innovations like the Küche Smart Collection pave the way for a more sustainable, safer urban living.