Momentus Hotels & Resorts adapts to meet shifting consumer needs

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Lentor Mansion showflat

The building is located in Novena’s medical district Novena can be found Novena’s Momentus Serviced Residences Novena, that was just opened by the subsidiary of the Chip Eng Seng Group, Momentus Hotels & Resorts. Formerly called 12 on Shan The building on 12 Shan Road was purchased by an alliance led by Roxy-Pacific together and its partners Macly Capital and LWH Holdings from the an listed Singapore business TA Corporation for $86.5 million back in March of last year.

Lentor Mansion showflat site at Lentor Gardens (Parcel B), Lentor Mansion, securing the site with a remarkable bid of $276,360,000.

The project was launched last month. Momentus Serviced Residences Novena offers a variety of 99 studio units that cover 398 square feet, as well as two-bedroom and one-bedroom units that range from 366 and 861 square feet. It is situated near medical centers and shopping centres, and is accessable via Novena MRT Station.

The second property that falls under the Momentus Hotels & Resorts brand as well as its initial serviced apartments. It was in March that the company opened the first of its hotels, Momentus Hotel Alexandra, situated at Alexandra Central Mall located at 323 Alexandra Road in Bukit Merah. The hotel, which has 442-keys, was operated under the name of Park Hotel Alexandra by Park Hotel Group that is controlled by CEL-Alexandra which is which is a subsidiary that is part of the Chip Eng Seng Group. The hotel was closed by the group in the year 2000 to make improvements and changing its name.

Participate in a fiercely competitive’ the hospitality industry

In light of the growing demand for travel and the changing of traveler preferences, specifically following Covid-19 Momentus Hotels & Resorts is seeking a piece part of this pie through extending its hospitality services and expanding into serviced apartments. The diversification into serviced apartments market allows Momentus Hotels & Resorts to serve more customers as per Angeline Tan who is the vice president and senior vice president of Momentus Hospitality and vice president of Chip Eng Seng Hospitality. This is particularly important for those who want longer and more immersive stay.

The need to adapt to the changing needs and offering various accommodation choices is a must in a city as vibrant as Singapore where the hospitality industry is – as Tan puts it “fiercely fiercely competitive” and has demonstrated “extensive expansion”.

“Momentus Hotels & Resorts is aware of the ever-changing demands of travelers today which range from brief stay-overs to medical tourism and expatriates who are transitioning between and leaving Singapore,” she says.

“Home Away from Home’

To provide a more welcoming place for guests The serviced apartment of the brand is devoted to offering guests the feeling of a “home that is away from their home” that meets their needs on a daily basis. The location of the serviced apartment provides the convenience people typically have close to home, ranging from medical facilities, which include 6 hospitals to retail centers and parks. Its proximity to Novena MRT Station, just approximately eight minutes away provides guests with the chance to access famous destinations like Orchard Road and Raffles Place shopping centers. In describing the apartment as an “urban sanctuary” located in the middle downtown, Tan says that it is aiming to provide guests with an environment that allows “relaxation and revitalization seamlessly coexist”.

In addition to the location, guests can take advantage of the variety of facilities available at the apartment complex that is serviced that caters to people from all ages and different life styles. They have an indoor pool, fitness area with a terrace outside, grill area, and rooftop gardens. The guests can take advantage of the facilities as well as their apartment’s modern design with neutral colors and contemporary furnishings that meet the needs of modern-day travelers. Outside the privacy in the residences, residents are able to enjoy the views of the lush green areas that surround the building. The green spaces comprise 40% of the total area. This development has earned the highest points for greenery in URA’s Green Mark scheme.

Going towards the future, Tan says that the brand will continue to change and expand according to the global trends and changing desires of tourists. In the meantime the company will be committed to creating unforgettable experience for guests. More specifically, Momentus Hotels & Resorts will increase its portfolio of accommodation to include six properties over the coming three years with a greater emphasis on sustainability and seamless integration of tech solutions, she says.

According to a news release issued September 21, the company states that it is aiming to expand its reach beyond Singapore with plans to increase the presence of the brand across all of the Asia Pacific region in the near future. With the brand’s newly launched Novena serviced apartment the company hopes it will be able to meet the needs of tourists and attain the minimum of 70% occupancy before the close of the year.