Construction on the 729-unit Tre Ver was finished in November 2022

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The Tre Ver may be Singapore’s most impressive instance of a residential development that embraces the dual nature of its natural surroundings, linking the riverfront with its surrounding greenery. It’s not surprising that the panel of judges for The EdgeProp Singapore Excellence Awards (EPEA) 2023 awarded the project The Tre Ver the Top Development award under the completed Central category.

The Tre Ver was jointly developed by the Mainboard listed UOL Group and Singapore Land the Tre Ver is a 729-unit condominium located at Potong Pasir Avenue 1. The modern design of the building was designed by the award-winning architect firm Woha.

Tre Ver Tre Ver passed with flying colors across all categories of design and innovation, landscape and sustainability. The development actually received the top marks in terms of landscape quality of all projects within the Completed Central category.

Rivers, trees home

The developers were aware they had a chance to seize the opportunity to improve the characteristics on the site when they bought the site in the year 2016. The site was the previously-owned Raintree Gardens, an unprofitable HUDC also known as Housing and Urban Development Company estate that was purchased in a single transaction in the amount of $344.2 million ($797 per square foot, based on the plot ratio).

After months of deliberate contemplation and planning The developers announced the title of their new project in the year 2018. The Tre Ver blends the main features of the development — the name is derived from “trees” in reference to the lush greenery that covers the site and the second word comes from “river” to refer to its vast 220km of frontage along Kallang River. Kallang River.

In order to realize this biophilic design Woha was commissioned. The architect company has long been a proponent of eco-friendly design and is the source behind UOL Group’s renowned PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering as well as the newly redesigned Pan Pacific Orchard.

The concept that is The Tre Ver creates the most efficient use of the riverfront’s broad as well as the existing treeline that includes 12 rain trees that are being preserved and incorporates them through the gardens and courtyards, terraces, pools, and waterfalls that are part of the development. A riverfront widewalk that is being constructed gives residents a view of the river and opportunities for recreation.

The focus in biophilic design — the method of creating landscapes and buildings which fosters a relationship between humans and natureIt is in line with the tradition for Woha and a major development objective to UOL Group and Singapore Land. These attributes not only increase the overall aesthetic appeal, but enhance the overall living experience of residents.

A green landscape homes

In the site visit, the director of DP Green Yvonne Tan, who was also one among the judge, thought that using landscaping to compliment the various public spaces and lobby areas created a sense of distinction between each space and enhance the overall feeling of arriving.

The development makes use of its 201,405 square feet area to distribute evenly the homes, the amenities and landscaping. There are nine residential blocksincluding three 20-storey blocks two 19-storey blocks, as well as four eight-storey blocks. Around 80% of the units will offer views of the pool or river and the rest will have views of Bidadari as well as Woodleigh Park and the surrounding greenery.

The residential blocks is modern and clean designs, with a focus upon natural building materials as well as lush greenery. They are also designed to maximize wind flow throughout the entire development and limit the solar heat gain throughout the day.

These four blocks are designed using an elongated contour that is filled with flowering plants and trees. In contrast, the five high-rise blocks feature sky gardens on every floor and add to the overall impression in the verticality of greenery.

Its developers were also aware of Singapore’s efforts to create an automobile-free society, and therefore included bicycle parking facilities that are protected to encourage active travel and sustainable last mile commuting. The development is situated 700m away from Potong Pasir MRT Station, with buses that service the area.

Plants that tolerate shade and drought were chosen to minimize the overall maintenance while allowing the plants to flourish. The natural insect and mosquito repelling plants like eucalyptus mint, and lemongrass are cultivated throughout the entire development to decrease the need for fogging.

Evergreen appeal

It’s no wonder it was The Tre Ver was extremely loved by buyers. It was the most-sold new launch project of the month of august in the year 2018. The project went on sale on August 4 and was able to sell the 164 units (22%) over 28 days. The median cost of the unit in The Tre Ver was $1,551 per square foot.

In August 2019 the development was the mark of% completely sold. The last unit sold in April 2021. the development had a median selling price of $1700 per square foot during that time.

Since since then, there’s been a strong sub-sale marketplace which has seen more than 112 caveated transactions over the last two years. This has increased the price of selling for The Tre Ver to about $1,950 per square foot this month. The most expensive sub-sale, on the basis of psf is a 1,335 square foot space on the seventh floor, which sold for $2.56 million ($1,917 per square foot) in March.