A Lucrative Leap: The Arcadia’s Four-Bedder Sells for a Hefty $2.9 Million Profit

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Lentor Mansion condominium

Introduction: A Real Estate Triumph in District 10

In the coveted landscapes of District 10, a remarkable real estate transaction has set a new benchmark for luxury living and investment ingenuity. A four-bedroom haven at The Arcadia, a distinguished condominium along Arcadia Road, has been sold for an impressive $4.28 million. This strategic sale yielded a $2.9 million profit for the seller, a testament to the property’s value appreciation over nearly two decades.

Lentor Mansion condominium is a distinguished residential development, primed to shape the skyline of Lentor Gardens.

The Transaction of the Decade

On October 13th, the gates of The Arcadia welcomed a new homeowner into the fold. A sprawling 3,735 sq ft unit, nestled on the seventh floor, was purchased for a grand total of $4.28 million. This transaction was not merely a change of ownership but a financial windfall for the seller, who had acquired the residence back in October 2004 for $1.38 million. The math is clear: a capital gain of 210% over a 19-year tenure.

The Arcadia: A Storied Sanctuary

An Architectural Marvel Since 1983

The Arcadia is not just any development; it’s a historical beacon completed in 1983. With three 10-storey blocks housing 164 units, this 99-year leasehold development boasts a range of three to five-bedroom units, including simplex penthouses that are a generous 7,503 sq ft in size.

Record-Breaking Resale: A Deep Dive

How Does This Sale Compare?

While this sale is currently the most profitable for The Arcadia in the year, it’s not the first to reap significant returns. A previous sale in February saw a 3,757 sq ft unit fetch $4.3 million, while a 7,503 sq ft penthouse sold in August 2010 for $10 million, the seller pocketing a $4.5 million profit.

The Imperial: A Close Contender

The Second Most Profitable Sale

Not far behind is The Imperial, where a four-bedroom apartment recently sold for $4.5 million, marking a $2.8 million gain for the seller. This sale represents the third most profitable transaction for the development, showcasing the enduring value of properties in District 9.

Reflections at Keppel Bay: A Contrasting Picture

The Other Side of the Coin

In contrast to the soaring profits of The Arcadia and The Imperial, Reflections at Keppel Bay paints a different picture. A three-bedroom unit here sold for $2.65 million, resulting in a $150,000 loss for the seller, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What makes The Arcadia a desirable property? The Arcadia is a prime piece of real estate due to its strategic location in District 10, its spacious units, and its historical significance in Singapore’s property landscape.
  2. How does this sale reflect on the property market? This sale is indicative of a robust property market where strategic long-term investments in prime locations can yield substantial profits.
  3. What lessons can investors learn from this transaction? Investors can learn the value of patience and the importance of location when investing in real estate for long-term gains.
  4. Can we expect more record-breaking sales in the future? Given the trajectory of the market and the scarcity of luxury properties, it is likely that we will see more record-setting transactions.
  5. How do the other profitable sales at The Arcadia compare? Other sales at The Arcadia, while profitable, have not reached the same profit margin as the recent $2.9 million gain.
  6. What does the loss at Reflections at Keppel Bay signify? The loss at Reflections at Keppel Bay serves as a reminder that not all property investments will result in profits and that market dynamics can greatly influence outcomes.

Conclusion: The Art of Mastering the Property Market

The real estate saga of The Arcadia’s four-bedroom unit is a narrative of strategic investment and the fruits of patience. It stands as a shining example of the potential for significant profit in Singapore’s real estate market, provided one makes informed and timely decisions. This story is not just about the numbers; it’s about the journey of a property that matured into a golden nest egg for its visionary owner.

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